<h1 class=\”requrement\” id =\”requrement\”>🛠 Requirement</h1><div class =\”req_comp\”> click the get coupon button get the requirement of the course </div><h1 class =\”what-u-learn\” id =\”what-u-learn\”>🧾what you will learn:</h1><div class=\”What_u_lean1\”><div class=\”what_div\”id=\”what_div\”><span class=\”what_u\”>No Experience needed, we will learn everything about the role of a Blockchain Project / Product Manager in Web3.</span></div></div><h1 class = \”instructor\” id = \”instructor\”>👨‍🏫Instructor</h1><div class=\” auther_info\”><strong>Created by Prince Patni</strong>\r\n4.2 Rating for Instructor\r\n2,836 Reviews for the courses\r\n172,476 Students Enrolled\r\n31 Number of courses </div> \r\n\r\n<div class= \”Coupon_section\” id = \”Coupon_section\”><strong>                🎁 Coupon Code</strong>:<span class =\”coupon_color\” id = \”coupon_color\”> <strong>BLACKFRIDAY\r\n</strong></span></div>\r\n <div class = \”center\” id =\”button_enroll\”><a href=\”\r\n\” target=\”_blank\”rel=\”nofollow\” \”><button class=\”button3\”\”>Get Coupon</button></a></div> <h1 class=\”description\”>📚 Description</h1> <div class =\”desc_content\”>DescriptionWeb3 is exploding. Everyone is talking about Blockchain, NFTs and DeFi, and investment and job postings in Web3 both grew by more than 400% in 2021 – 2022. With so many smart friends jumping into Web3, this question has been on my mind. The Project Manager / Product Manager role is already so strange and varied—how does the Web3 way of working change the role further? Is it fun to be a PM in Web3

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