[100%OFF]The Ultimate : Digital System Design ( Module – 2 )

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Basics from Number system, Boolean algebra, K-map and Logic Gates


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DescriptionThis course deals with Digital circuits like Combinational and Sequential Circuits.Combinational circuits deals with Binary adders, Multiplexers, De Multiplexers, Decoders, Encoders and Comparators.Design of above circuits.Sequential Circuits deals with Flip Flops( SR, JK, Toggle, Delay and Master-Slave), Counters ( Ring, Twisted counter, Decade Counter)This course deals with Design of Counters and registers( SISO,SIPO,PIPO,PISO).What you will learn :Half adder and full adderParallel Adders and SubtractorsMULTIPLEXER and De-MULTIPLEXERDecoders and EncodersSequential CircuitsFlip Flop ConversionsCountersSYNCHRONOUS COUNTERS and REGISTERSState DiagramsImportant information before you enroll!If you find the course useless for your career, don’t forget you are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.Once enrolled, you have unlimited, 24/7, lifetime access to the course (unless you choose to drop the course during the first 30 days).You will have instant and free access to any updates I’ll add to the course – video lectures, additional resources, quizzes, exercises.You will benefit from my full support regarding any question you might have, This is not just a programming course, You will play with signals and systems.Check out the promo video at the top of this page and some of the free preview lectures in the curriculum to get a taste of my teaching style and methods before making your decisionWho this course is for:Beginner ElectronicsGATE_EC, GATE_EE, InstrumentationEngineering AcademicsShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]The Ultimate : Digital System Design ( Module – 2 )
[100%OFF]The Ultimate : Digital System Design ( Module – 2 )


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