[100%OFF]The Ultimate Computers and Technology Quiz (2022 Edition)

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3.9 Instructor Rating23,732 Reviews892,378 Students120 Courses


Created by Srinidhi Ranganathan, Saranya Srinidhi, First Look Digital Marketing Solutions
3.9 Rating for Instructor
23,732 Reviews for the courses
892,378 Students Enrolled
120 Number of courses
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DescriptionComputer technologies, being a fascinating subject have sprawled and evolved in recent years. The importance of computers and technology has greatly increased since the start of the 21st century. A computer is a useful tech tool for advancing educationally in traditional and yet non-traditional ways. Learners rely on leveraging computers to research and access educative information, or to submit their project work to their teacher. Moreover, in gradual time computers have become smaller and faster and in fact, enabling all types of people to use them virtually in any kind of location. Technology is exploding into new realms every day. The hardest part is to stay updated with the changes, whatsoever. Whatever we decide to do, technology will only become an increasingly important part of our world. Whether we want to develop software that powers successful businesses or companies, design a trending new mobile phone app, or create VFX for blockbuster films, specialised computing skills will be indispensable, whatsoever.Anyways – do you think that you are a computer or technology buff at this moment? Are you computer savvy or a whiz kid? Do you think so?Get ready to put your tech skills to immediate test to find out.In this extremely interesting quiz course from Marketing Legend ‘Srinidhi Ranganathan’ and Mastermind ‘Saranya Srinidhi’. you will find new-age questions on the subject of computer history and technologies. You can get set to surely challenge yourself on this fascinating subject to the core.Each question in this quiz course is made up of good-researched, interesting concepts with great explanations or feedback that fully goes on to test your awareness and grasp of the subject.Don’t wait anymore. Let’s start rolling in some action.Time to take the quiz and find out! Get ready for the roller-coaster ride. Who this course is for:Anyone who wishes to learn and test his/her skills on computers and technologyTechnology expertsComputer science studentsShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]The Ultimate Computers and Technology Quiz (2022 Edition)
[100%OFF]The Ultimate Computers and Technology Quiz (2022 Edition)


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