[100%OFF]The most important French words and expressions

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DescriptionIn this course, you will learn the most important French vocabulary for beginners, as well as useful phrases and the basics of French pronunciation, in order to learn the difficult sounds in French. I am a native French teacher from Switzerland with more than 12 years of experience teaching French as a foreign language. I love my job and am always keen on helping my students progress and learn this beautiful language! Whatever your reason for starting to learn French is, I am sure that this course will be very useful at the beginning of your learning journey!Sometimes we just need to learn the basic phrases to be ready for a trip to France or to get an idea of how a language sounds and works. This is why I have created this short course! It will help you dive into the world of the French language and get familiar with its words and sounds very quickly.The course is divided into sections by topics and all you have to do is: listen, read and repeat!We will learn the vocabulary and expressions of the restaurant, the house, asking your way, greetings, introducing yourself, at the doctor’s office, at the office and you will also have a special pronunciation video with all the basic French sounds! With this course, you will be able to quickly learn the basic expressions in order to communicate in daily situations in a French-speaking country and you will also feel more confident when surrounded by French speakers! I will also be available if you need any help or have any questions during the course and will support you 100%!This is a great course to get started with French and learn basic communication skills very quickly.So, what are you waiting for?Who this course is for:French beginner studentsShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]The most important French words and expressions
[100%OFF]The most important French words and expressions


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