[100%OFF]The Best Acrylic Paint Pouring & Fluid Art Training Course

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🧾what you will learn:

Absolutely no experience in art is required. The VERY basic equipment needed is detailed in the course


Created by Paul Barker
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📚 Description

DescriptionIS THIS FOR YOU?If you are interested in Acrylic Paint Pouring & Fluid Art and want to try it for yourself.Or, you’ve already started and are finding that it’s not quite as easy as it appears on some of the videos you’ve seen.Or, are doing OK but want to broaden your knowledge and skills……THEN THIS IS THE PERFECT TRAINING COURSE FOR YOUThis unique 2-part training course with over 40 video lessons will guide you through every step of the way to creating your very own fluid art masterpieces.We will provide you with everything you need to know to maximize your own creative potential, minimize your frustrations and ensure your artwork is both your pride and your joy.WHAT YOU WILL LEARNUpon completion of this course, you will be fully equipped with the complete knowledge and understanding of how to create your own stunning and impressive masterpieces of fluid art.You will learn every aspect of the acrylic paint pouring fluid art processes.From selecting the most reliable and readily available paints and additives. mixing your paints and ensuring the correct consistency, selecting cost-effective and efficient equipment and so much more.We will cut out all the frustrations you will experience by self-learning by mistakes. Boy, I really wish this training program was available when I started pouring.We will save you endless time and lots of money by ensuring you only buy what you need to get the perfect results every timeAND THAT IS JUST THE STARTWe will take through a step-by-step process of creating your own masterpieces of fluid art using our tried and tested 3-step training program.We will demonstrate the EXACT steps you need to take, show you the tricks and tips of the pro’s and most importantly, provide it all in an easy-to-understand format and learning process.We will teach you How to master at least 20 different Fluid Art pouring techniquesDutch pours, Swipes, Micro Swipes, Balloon Dips and many, many more – You will learn them all!How to embellish your artwork – Acrylic Skins – Stencils – Shading – Bubbles – Live-EdgeHow to create acrylic “Skins” and how to use them to embellish your poursHow to “dress”, finish, varnish and resin your artworkHow to create coasters with both ceramic and resin substratesHow to avoid the dreaded cracks and other common problems with fluid artAND SOOOO MUCH MORE!HOW WILL YOU LEARN ALL OF THIS?Throughout the course, and in each lesson, you will be provided with our tried & tested three-step learning process.1. An introduction and explanation of what you will learn in the lesson. And the benefits of that knowledge2. We will then demonstrate the techniques, the tips and ALL of the processes involved3. We then confirm the lessons you have learned and emphasize the key points from the lesson that you need to focus on to ensure your own success.DOWNLOAD & READAnd all of that is then provided for you in an easy-to-understand lesson data sheet for you to download and read at your leisureAnd you can return at any time and study any part or all of the training program again and again as many times as you likeWith this unique training course, fluid art and acrylic paint pouring will very soon become more than just a hobby to you.Just like me, your art will become your passion, your therapy and you will discover a really great way to express your own unique and personal artistic flareSo, start today and in no time at all you will be creating your very own mesmerizing artwork for you to enjoy, give away as gifts or, to sell and boost your personal incomeENROLL TODAY and we’ll see you there …..Who this course is for:COMPLETE BEGINNERS – No experience in any art form is required. Enthusiastic leanersNOVICE POURERS – Already started pouring but maybe struggling a bit with even the basic pours – Cells & Cracking etc.INTERMEDIATE POURERS – Doing OK but want to expand your skillset, knowledge and understandingShow moreShow less
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[100%OFF]The Best Acrylic Paint Pouring & Fluid Art Training Course
[100%OFF]The Best Acrylic Paint Pouring & Fluid Art Training Course


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