[100%OFF]Sports Nutrition for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

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Our course is not an academic course. Actually it’s designed for all levels of amateur -and professional athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts. Beginners and advanced students will both benefit. No prior knowledge is required.


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DescriptionDid you know that research by the University of South Carolina revealed that 91% of athletes and 63% of coaches have little knowledge about sports nutrition?And indeed, most athletes and fitness enthusiasts are rushing through their daily exercise routine without even knowing the basic difference between proteins and carbs.But conducting purposeful physical exercise without sports nutrition knowledge is like running around in a dark forest. Blindfolded.And because those athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach far-from optimal results they are trying to compensate their knowledge BLIND SPOT by turning to crazy expensive supplements that hardly ever work.That made me realize there is a massive need for practical, easy to understand fundamental sports nutrition learning, so I decided to establish the School of Sports Nutrition.Our comprehensive course is turning completely uninformed athletes and fitness enthusiasts into knowledgeable sportspersons allowing each and every one of them to adapt and fine-tune their diets and see their exercise performance improve without ever increasing training time.So take off that blindfold, click on the purple ‘ADD TO CART’ button and enroll in our exciting new course: SPORTS NUTRITION FOR ATHLETES AND FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS. Join us straightaway and start building your sports nutrition knowledge from zero to hero level.Who this course is for:The course is for amateur -and professional athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts. Our goal is to help students get a better understanding of sports nutrition and use their acquired knowledge to augment the outcome of their exercise efforts and athletic performance.Show moreShow less
[100%OFF]Sports Nutrition for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts
[100%OFF]Sports Nutrition for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts


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