[100%OFF]Python Hacking Scripts

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No prior knowledge required, Kali Linux recommended


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DescriptionIn this course you will build Hacking Scripts with Python. You will create your own version of programs typically used for hacking like nmap (port scanner), hydra (brute force) and a keylogger. It is a programming course with a focus on hacking.  The tools you make in this course, can be used as alternative to existing tools. Of course, you can also create tools that don’t exist yet.The course also covers the Python programming language. You will learn the basics of Python programming, but it doesn’t cover advanced topics like classes and inheritance. Instead, it has a focus on hacking tools. It teaches you basics like functions, statements and so on. You will learn how to create your own port scanner, your own brute force scripts and to create a key logger. But besides that, you should have enough knowledge to create your own tools.If you are a beginner ethical hacker and want to learn Python or if you want to make your own Hacking Tools, this course is for you. It teaches you how to do that from the basics. By the end of this course, you will be able to do Python programming, to create your own hacking tools and to port existing ones to PythonWho this course is for:Beginner Ethical HackersShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Python Hacking Scripts
[100%OFF]Python Hacking Scripts


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