[100%OFF]Practical Python for Dummies Beginner to Advance Course

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📚 Description

DescriptionIn this course you will learn everything about Python programming language.The best part is you don’t have to have any previous programming experience to learn and start applying Python programming language.We will start by learning the following:1. You will learn to install Python and Python development environment2. You will learn about variables and different naming conventions used for variable declarations.3. You will learn about different Data Types in Python and when to use which data type.4. You will learn about different types of Loops in Python and when to use which type of loop.5. You will learn about Conditional Structure like If Else, If Else If in Python and when to use which type.6. You will learn about Collections like List, Tuple and the differences between them.7. You will learn about Dictionary and how to use it8. You will learn to use collections and loops and control structure together to implement different use cases9. You will learn to write Functions in Python10. You will learn to call one function with or without parameter from another function.11. You will learn about Operators and Operands and perform different operations.12. You will learn about precedence and how to use it in arithmetic operations.13. You will learn about Type Casting one Data Type to Another Data Type.14. We will also be creating multiple small projects for applying the concepts that we will learn. Who this course is for:Anyone who wants to start software development and start learning and applying Python Programming LanguageShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Practical Python for Dummies Beginner to Advance Course
[100%OFF]Practical Python for Dummies Beginner to Advance Course


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