[100%OFF]Practical Junit & Mockito Test with Java SpringBoot & JPA

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Basics of Java Programming Language


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DescriptionWelcome to this amazing course, where you will learn about:What is unit testing?Why is unit testing important?What is Test Driven Development(TDD) ?How to apply Test Driven Development to the projects?What is Junit and Mockito?We will learn to write unit tests using Junit 5 Framework and Mockito Library.We will start with how projects are developed in software companies using modern stacks like Java, Spring, SpringBoot, Hibernate, Spring Data JPA and Restful webservices.In this course you will be understanding how different technology and its components work together to build a real world application which end users are able to use in real life. It will be a Property Management System.We will also learn to relate different concepts with real world examples. In this course we will learn the following:We will learn different concepts Spring Framework and RESTful webservicesWe will learn about different design patterns like Singleton, Prototype, Factory, MVC, Adapter etcWe will learn to create production ready application in a layered architectureWe will learn about ORM and Spring data JPA(Java Persistence API)What is Unit TestingWhat is TDD(Test Driven Development) Why is Testing important What is Junit and Mockito Different Annotations of Junit and Mockito Comparison between Junit-4 and Junit-5Writing Test cases for the project’s different API endpoints Checking the code coverage & Debugging Writing Test cases for Success, Failure and Error scenarios Test cases for Model classesYou will also get the complete source code used in the course.Who this course is for:Anyone who wants to become a real backend developer and start to work in companies as a developer of develop high quality projects of their ownShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Practical Junit & Mockito Test with Java SpringBoot & JPA
[100%OFF]Practical Junit & Mockito Test with Java SpringBoot & JPA


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