[100%OFF]PHP for Beginners: PDO Crash Course 2022

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🧾what you will learn:

Basic MySQL knowledge is mandatoryPHP and PHP OOP knowledge would be perfect


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DescriptionGet ready for the best learning experience you will have with this PHP PDO course.In this course, I did everything for you and fully explained PDO from the basics like connecting the database more securely and efficiently to advanced concepts like using transaction and so on. So why basically choose this course from the rest of the courses about the same topic? Well, I made sure that you fully understand everything in detail, and while creating this course I used a lot of recourses including whole documentation just to bring you the best and finest content.Let me show you what you are actually going to learn:-Securely Connect to a database of your chosen with PDO and of course because  PDO supports a wide range of Database-Catching errors while connecting to your database-Pulling the data and tweaking it as you like with the most known PDO methods like (query, fetch, fetchall, fetchcolumn)-Securing insertion to the database with prepared statements which prevents SQL injections-Using fancy and sophisticated methods to add more security and efficacy to your code with transactions -Terminating the connection to your database the easy and simple way-Build an app with the common backend functionality using what you have learned And so much more. Don’t believe me? Just take a look inside 🙂  Who this course is for:Anyone who is interested in learning PHP PDO and up their database skillsAnyone who has knowledge in PHP and want to dig deeperShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]PHP for Beginners: PDO Crash Course 2022
[100%OFF]PHP for Beginners: PDO Crash Course 2022


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