[100%OFF]Photo Editing using Adobe Lightroom CC

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The user must know how to use either Windows or Mac Operating System. A 2GB RAM Operating system will be enough to work on Adobe Lightroom. A passion to learn the software is also required to master the program Creative imagination and ideas are also required to get a good understand of the program. Basic knowledge about the image editing tools and basic functions may prove beneficial to the learners. Image editing requires a lot of patience and hard work. So, the user is expected to have all the traits to learn the program quickly and easily.


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DescriptionThe training starts with the introduction chapter in which the users are introduced to the interface and work area of the program. The chapter focuses on the panel groups, toolbar, identity plate, and the top panel menu. The chapter also tells us the special feature of batch photo editing in Lightroom. We get to know how to edit Raw images and images that are shot continuously but with a different background. We learn, the baby Image editing, Scenery Corrections that helps the user to learn how to edit backgrounds and foregrounds. Then, we learn about color casting and using the filter gallery. Finally, we have a few examples based on the hard sunlight filters and effects and how to control the sunlight in the photos. Users to learn the various aspects of Human face editing such as skin coloring, color-enhancing, and others. We will learn how to reduce blemishes on the face and enhance the overall look of the photograph. At the end of the chapter, we also learn how to clear the fog and water images with the help of Adobe Lightroom.Adobe Lightroom CC is an image organizer and image manipulation software developed and created by Adobe Company. The program can be operated on Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, and tvOS Operating Systems. The program is used for a large number of images required to be edited at one point in time. The program is more focused on beginner editing rather than focusing on complex editing with advanced features. Adobe Lightroom is Non-destructive software in nature. This special feature of the program helps the user to play and edit the images with an unlimited number of times. The original images are left untouched and the editing is done only on the backup files. Lightroom has a feature of storing the backup files and the data is stored as XMP files. Adobe Lightroom focuses on the editing of the RAW images and helps the user to control adjustments such as brightness and contrast, exposure, hue/saturation, and other properties on the Raw files itself. Lightroom is a global program that works on the editing of the whole of the image while Photoshop is different software that works on the pixels and minimal details of the image. Lightroom has many advanced presets installed that can perform many functions based on editing and manipulation images but it cannot perform complex editing that Photoshop can perform.This Lightroom CC Course is designed for every image editor and photographer whether beginner or an experienced. The course will provide practical and theoretical techniques and examples of how to edit and manipulate raw images and a group of images simultaneously. The course will help the learners to understand the workflow and interface of the program with much ease and simpler lessons provided in the training.Editing and manipulating images on Adobe Lightroom is not easy work to perform for beginners as Lightroom may be a beginner program but still, it has so many functions and tools that make the program huge. So, this training will help the learners and students learn the skills required to edit images on the program with a lot of examples and methods.With this training in hand, the users will learn skills required for image editings such as face corrections, color corrections, Human skin corrections, workspace and interface of the program, and many more similar skills.Who this course is for:Beginners and professionals both can take up this training to help them get the basic knowledge about the program. Students who are interested to go for graphic designing courses may take up this training. Photographers who are keen to learn the basics of image editing such as color corrections or tools that help in adjusting the photos may take up this Lightroom CC Training.Show moreShow less
[100%OFF]Photo Editing using Adobe Lightroom CC
[100%OFF]Photo Editing using Adobe Lightroom CC


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