[100%OFF]Mega Web Dev Bootcamp with React Bootstrap5 Redux & REST API

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Basics of HTML


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📚 Description

DescriptionIn this course, you will learn to develop any kind of modern website using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 5 and ReactJs.We will also learn about Redux state management with Context API to hide show functionality based on User session.We will start by setting up our local development environment, first we will learn to install Visual Studio Code editor, then we will go ahead and install NodeJS runtime.We will be consuming Remote REST API to perform various operations with the help of GET, POST, PUT, DELETE endpoints.Next we will move on to creating the first react app, then we will move on to understanding how a create application work.We will understand the folder structure of the ReactJs project and understand the ReactJs lifecycle and how different aspects works.We will then move on to integrating Bootstrap 5, Font Awesome, Google Fonts, npm packages into our ReactJs project.We will Create a complete fully functional professional website with different sections like:Navigation BarFooterHero section with Carousel and SliderFeatured Posts sectionLatest Posts sectionCall to Action sectionOur Portfolio sectionContact us formAbout us pageFooter section with different parts like Quick Links, Newsletter and Contact AddressCreate PostsAll PostsUpdate PostDelete PostLoginSignupDynamic navigationRedux , Context APIWe will make sure our website is professional and responsive in different kinds of devices.After this course, you will be a pro frontend developer in modern web technologies.Who this course is for:Any one who wants to become a job ready Frontend Developer with ReactJs, Redux, Bootstrap 5 and API integrationShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Mega Web Dev Bootcamp with React Bootstrap5 Redux & REST API
[100%OFF]Mega Web Dev Bootcamp with React Bootstrap5 Redux & REST API


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