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[100%OFF]Mastering IntelliJ IDEA for Java

⏱ Duration1.5 hours
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[100%OFF]Mastering IntelliJ IDEA for Java

🛠 Requirement

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🧾what you will learn:

The pre-requisite which is required to learn IntelliJ IEDA is to know Java programming knowledge. Coming to the system requirements for the IntelliJ IDEA are 1 GB RAM and 2.5 GB hard disk. Screen resolution of 1024×768. Having the basic knowledge of these languages which will be helpful to learn the IntelliJ IDEA quickly are JavaScript, TypeScript, and SQL. IntelliJ IDEA is mainly developed for the JAVA but by extending its plugins it can be used for any other languages. You should have a copy of the IntelliJ IDEA of any edition it can be either the Community edition or the Ultimate edition.


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📚 Description

DescriptionWith the advent of microservices and usage of Java as a primary coding framework, one should aim to invest time in understanding an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) so that learners aim at efficient coding practice and thus increase productivity. We aim at making you the coder who can crack the toughest nut using IntelliJ Idea.Through this course, we aim at fulfilling a lot of objectives not only in terms of theoretical knowledge, but also make sure that our learners have an ample amount of hands-on practice. Each of our courses and projects does take you through the set of objectives that courses intend to attack but over here, we would look at the objectives holistically so that we know what we are getting you into. In the theoretical part we would get you covered for all the technicalities involved in using IntelliJ and with 3 projects in the pipeline we would cover up for all the void spaces left during the theoretical learning. These projects come to fulfill the objective of complete learning, the aim of the IntelliJ course.we would go first with an introduction to what IntelliJ is and what fundamentals things are required to be known by learners to complete the understanding of IntelliJ.In the same section we would go through learning about how to proceed with the installation. Post-installation, we would go through an understanding of the basic feature of IntelliJ.Now that we have a good understanding of what IntelliJ is, we would delve deeper into what comprises of IntelliJ Idea and the installation perspective of the same. Once installed we would look at the generation of properties file and then have a look and feel of IntelliJ Idea.Continuing on the same lines, we would learn about different IDEA views specifically auto-scroll functionality, GIT integration, Maven project integration, and many more! Following that we would look at inspecting Coding templates, and plugins of IntelliJ IDEA.Now, we would look at understanding how to debug the application server, and looking into a different aspect of debugging, like structural search.The addition of Groovy in our course curriculum makes it even more interesting and challenging for our learners as they can look at IntelliJ IDEA from a holistic viewpoint.The Intellij IDEA is used for the development of programs. Intellij IDEA was developed by the company JetBrains. It is available as Apache 2licensed community edition. This IDE has become more famous because of its unique features like it has a predictive algorithm, smart code completion, chain code completion, static member’s completion, detecting duplicates, inspections, and quick-fixes. It consists of two types of editions. They are Community edition and Ultimate edition. The main reason for choosing the IntelliJ IDEA and its difference from the other IDE’s is because of its flexible, easy to use and its solid design. It will help us to analyze the code and for developing computer software. For development with any other language, IntelliJ IDEA can be extended by using the plugins. As we have mentioned above they are two types of edition in this community edition is available for free while the ultimate edition is available for free for 30 days only after that we have to purchase the license. The community edition is used for android development while the ultimate edition is used for enterprise and web development. We can install the software both on the windows and Linux operating systems.The skills which you will learn from this IntelliJ IDEA Training are an introduction to IntelliJ IDEA, installation requirements, and generate properties file – how to install the IntelliJ IDEA, register, and update of IntelliJ IDEA will be explained under this topic.IntelliJ IDEA looks and feels –under this the visual elements which help us to do our actions quickly and easily. It consists of a Menu bar, toolbar, navigation bar, tools lab, editor window, and project perspective. IDEA views it contains topics like view modes and AutoScroll from and to source functionality.Integration with GIT – In this, it covers how to set up a GIT repository and sync it with the remote repository committing and pushing of your changes to the GIT repository and how to find your changes after committing will be explained in this topic. The other thing which is covered under this is how to create a branch and managing it, applying changes from one branch to another if any GIT conflicts how to resolve them.Maven –It is a powerful project tool that is useful for building the project and documentation. In this, we cover the basic and advanced concepts of the apache maven technology. In this IntelliJ IDEA Training, you will learn and develop a project by using a maven. By using the maven it is easy to migrate.The other topics are Coding templates, coding inspections, code folding and indentation, plugins and language injections, debugging application server, searching, file, class, and structural search.Groovy – It is an object-oriented programming language based on Java platform. This IntelliJ IDEA Training covers the detailed introduction about Groovy, Groovy conditional operators, loops in Groovy, Regular expression, Exception handling, closure, and lambda expression maps, lists, and call by the method in Groovy.Database console – It contains the SQL files in this we can execute and compose SQL files. It will be created automatically while creating the data source. How to do integration of the database in IntelliJ IDEA, working with tools, introduction to database console, and working with result pane data extraction all these topics will be covered under this topic.These are the topics that you will learn from this IntelliJ IDEA Training Course which will help you to develop your skills.Who this course is for:The students who want to learn the IDE and who are interested to learn IntelliJ IDEA are recommended to take this IntelliJ IDEA Training. For the Java developer, it will be very much helpful to learn this new IDE and it will benefit them by taking this course. The spring developers also can this course. Software Engineers who know programming languages this course will be helpful. For developers and the programmers who have experienced it is useful. Already who know the Eclipse IDE or the Eclipse IDE users for them it is very useful and easy to learn.Show moreShow less

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