[100%OFF]Learn PHP – For Beginners

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DescriptionCourse: Learn PHP – For BeginnersLearn to create dynamic web applications using PHPStudents learn to integrate client-server communication into web pages to create dynamic functionality using PHP.We start with the fundamentals, including PHP syntax and variable declaration. The course transitions into working with objects, arithmetic operators, conditional statements, loops, functions and arrays.Students will also learn to utilize server side form validation techniques to maintain data integrity.What you’ll learn – Overview:PHP SyntaxPHP VariablesPHP Global vs. Static KeywordsPHP Data TypesPHP ObjectsPHP StringsPHP ConstantsPHP Conditional Statements & OperatorsPHP Loops, Arrays, Multidimensional ArraysPHP Superglobal VariablesPHP Forms with ValidationKey Concepts:PHP IntroductionPHP PreparationPHP File TestPHP SyntaxPHP VariablesPHP Variable ScopePHP Global KeywordPHP Static KeywordPHP Echo – PrintPHP Data TypesPHP ObjectsPHP StringsPHP ConstantsPHP OperatorsPHP Conditional StatementsPHP ElseIf StatementPHP Switch StatementPHP While LoopsPHP For LoopsPHP FunctionsPHP Functions ContinuedPHP ArraysPHP Multidimensional ArraysPHP Sorting ArraysPHP Superglobal VariablesPHP Forms IntroductionPHP POST vs GET BasicsPHP Form Output and ValidationPHP Form Required FieldsPHP Validation ContinuedYour Instructor:YouAccel is a leading provider in online training, offering courses across numerous industries from IT and Development to Business, Marketing, Design, and Productivity.The e-learning experience provided by YouAccel is Dynamic. Each course is streamed in High Definition with corresponding assignments, quizzes, and exams that are delivered and graded electronically. All YouAccel courses are taught by certified educators that have numerous years of work experience in the field for which they provide instruction.The courses can be taken at one’s own pace and are offered at several levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Online courses are also compatible with any mobile device for the ultimate in convenience.Who this course is for:Beginner Web Developers that want to Learn PHPShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Learn PHP – For Beginners
[100%OFF]Learn PHP – For Beginners


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