[100%OFF]Learn HTML – For Beginners

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Basic Computer Skills


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DescriptionCourse: Learn HTML – For BeginnersLean how to create web pages using HTMLStudents will learn how to create engaging web pages using HTML5, which is an integral part of the development process.The material covers an intensive array of HTML5 elements including images, videos, lists, tables, forms, iframes and much more.The course includes several hands-on projects to ensure comprehension of course materials.By the end of the training, students will be proficient with coding in HTML and ready to tackle the more advanced scripting languages that follow.What you’ll learn – Overview:How to Code in HTMLStructure of an HTML PageText Formatting in HTMLEmbedding VideosCreating LinksAnchor TagsTables & Nested TablesBuilding FormsEmbedding IframesInserting ImagesKey Concepts:HTML Body TagHTML Paragraph SpacingHTML Line BreaksHTML Header TagsHTML Text Formatting and DecorationHTML Inline Text FormattingHTML Unordered ListsHTML Ordered ListsHTML Image InsertionHTML Embedding VideosHTML Absolute vs. Relative File ReferencingHTML Link CreationHTML Anchor TagsHTML TablesHTML Nested TablesHTML Merging CellsHTML Text WrappingHTML Table Background ImageHTML Cell AlignmentHTML – Introduction to FormsHTML Form Tags and AttributesHTML Forms – Post vs GetHTML Forms – Input Text FieldsHTML Forms – Select MenusHTML Forms – Check Boxes and Radio ButtonsHTML Forms – Text Areas and ButtonsHTML IframesHTML Project – IntroductionHTML Project – HeaderHTML Project – CalloutHTML Project – Image InsertionHTML Project – Text InsertionHTML Project – Links and FormHTML Project – Tabular DataHTML Project – FooterWho this course is for:Students who want an introduction into HTML CodingShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Learn HTML – For Beginners
[100%OFF]Learn HTML – For Beginners


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