[100%OFF]JavaScript & jQuery – Certification Course for Beginners

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Basic Computer Skills


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DescriptionWelcome to the JavaScript & jQuery – Certification Course for BeginnersThis course offers a comprehensive guide into the fundamentals of coding using JavaScript and jQuery. These powerful languages can be used to add animated, dynamic client-side functionality to any web page.The JavaScript section of the course takes students on a journey that starts right from the basics. This includes JavaScript placement, and embedding External JavaScript code. From there, we move into variable declaration and operators for performing arithmetic. We also look at the order of operations, and different data types. Students then move into more advanced topics such as:JavaScript ObjectsArrays, and Array AttributesConditional StatementsJavaScript Comparisons and Booleans JavaScript Loops, Functions, and EventsThe second section of the course takes an in-depth look into jQuery. This is where students can take their development skills to the next level, by adding interactivity to static elements. We start with foundational concepts such as embedding jQuery, and various selectors. We then explore jQuery events, Animations, complex functions, and much more.What you’ll learnJavaScript PlacementJavaScript OutputJavaScript VariablesJavaScript Assignment & Arithmetic OperationsJavaScript Data Types & ObjectsJavaScript Math FunctionsJavaScript Arrays, Array Attributes, and Array SplicingJoining & Sorting ArraysJavaScript Conditional Statements and ComparisonsJavaScript Loops (For-In, While, Do-While, Break & Continue)JavaScript Functions & EventsjQuery Selectors (ID, Class, Other)jQuery Events, Multiple Event Handlers, Hiding-Showing, Toggle, Fades, SlidesjQuery AnimationsjQuery Stop, Callback Functions, Chaining, Draggables, Accordion MenusjQuery Get Content, Set Content, Append and PrependIf you are interested in improving your web development skills, then look no further – Enrol today!Who this course is for:Students interested in learning the foundations of JavaScript & jQueryBeginner Web Developers interested in upgrading their skillsStudents interested in adding interactive, animated content to web pagesStudents interested in building mobile-responsive web pages.Show moreShow less
[100%OFF]JavaScript & jQuery – Certification Course for Beginners
[100%OFF]JavaScript & jQuery – Certification Course for Beginners


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