[100%OFF]Ionic Tutorials – Build Android & Web Apps with Ionic

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For the ionic tutorials, all you need is a strong interest and a passion to learn and work on this technology and framework. Apart from this, you will also be required to have a basic understanding of web-based frameworks, a brief background about any front end frameworks or languages or technologies. You will also be required to have a sound knowledge of mobile-based web apps primarily for iOS, Windows, and Android. Having a sound knowledge about any of the Apache Cordova, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, and Javascript is a plus.


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DescriptionIonic is the open-source framework that is used for the development of mobile-based applications. It provides us with the list of services and various tools which are required for building the Mobile User Interface with the native feel and the same look. The ionic framework needs to have a native wrapper interface using which it will be able to run the ionic based applications on mobile devices. Moreover, it can be known to be the front-end based HTML framework which comprises many front end languages, and therefore it is built on top of the possibly best front end framework, AngularJS, and Cordova. It is an HTML5 based Mobile Application development framework which is targeted at building mobile-based hybrid apps. Ionic can be thought of as a front end UI framework that is used to handle the basic look and feel and the User interface based interactions that are required for the app to be compelling. It is somewhat like Bootstrap for native applications that are built for the support of a broad range of common and basic native mobile-based components, beautiful design, and slick animations.The features would include AngularJS based Model View Controller architecture for creating and building rich SPAs also known as Single Page Applications particularly optimized for the device and mobile-based devices. Other features would include CSS components that come along with the native look and feel and are used to provide all the elements which are typically required by a mobile-based web application. The default styling of the components can be easily overridden which can accommodate their designs. The JavaScript components extend the CSS component capabilities and also Javascript related functions and their capabilities to cover the mobile elements which cannot be only done with HTML and CSS. Other features include the ones related to Cordova plugins that offer the API related to the usage of the mobile-based native device functions with JavaScript code. The Ionic CLI is a NodeJS based utility which is powered by the various commands required for building, starting, running as well as emulating ionic applications. The views are a very useful platform that is required for sharing, uploading, and testing your applications for native devices. It is released under MIT license.You will learn skills related to mobile app development, web components, and website app developments. You will also learn details and information regarding front end technologies such as HTML, CSS, angularJS, or other frameworks that are mainly related to front end technologies. You will also learn about NodeJS and others react and backbone based java scripting frameworks. Apart from that, you will also understand how to work on CLI based applications and how to use it. You will also learn about interaction with APIs, themes, and other resources which forms an essential and integral part of the UI component’s libraryWho this course is for:The ideal target audience for the Ionic 4 course is JavaScript and front end developers who are new to the world of mobile and web-based development. It helps provide easy to understand and implement simple solutions to all the mobile and app developers. Software engineers software developers , web developers, web engineers, entrepreneurs and students who are either working on something of their own or have some form of a new idea which can be to develop a different or a new framework or library or utility altogether or some kind of a college project at which they need a new application backed with the newest features and technologies of the mobile site as well as web-based.Show moreShow less
[100%OFF]Ionic Tutorials – Build Android & Web Apps with Ionic
[100%OFF]Ionic Tutorials – Build Android & Web Apps with Ionic


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