[100%OFF]How to Become a Proactive Entrepreneur with your sixth sense

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DescriptionReactivity of many businessmen, entrepreneurs and top managers happens when they are unable to think and act for the longer-term. Those who are low in proactivity tend to be passive and reactive, and are less inclined to identify and seize opportunities for changing things. They likely adapt to situations rather than change them.Entrepreneurial awareness of opportunities is an essential strength for entrepreneurs.To become proactive , you should not just anticipate future problems or opportunities but also act to address these future challenges through achieving, influencing change. This change might be targeted towards improving, altering your environment, such as optimizing any business processes, mastering new skills, or broadening your networks as an entrepreneur. In each case, proactivity means a change from the current trend. If you are proactive, your intentions and actions manage events, but when you are reactive, events can manage your actions and life. Human beings are unique in their power to shape their environment. According to Bandura, through cognitive self-regulation, we can visualize futures that act on the present; сreate, construct, evaluate, and revise alternative courses of action; anticipate possible outcomes of the options considered; and override environmental influences or pressures.Envisioning your preferred future helps you form your intentions, create a vision in the form of the mental representation, set far- reaching proactive goals, ellaborate plans of actions, map your path to reach the final destination. Being proactive you identify and solve problems, look for new opportunities, enter into action and persist until attaining a change. This course containing 32 lectures and 3 hours of video will walk you through proactivity vs reactivity. You will analyze how to become a proactive entrepreneur  with your sixth sense and make a proactive change inside and outside your organization. You will outline entrepreneurial awareness of opportunities. You will indicate how to envision and pursue your proactive goals. You will analyze internal and external awareness factors influencing your business. You will distinguish between a proactive and reactive business strategy. You will have an idea how the future is shaped through foresight.Who this course is for:Entrepreneurs interested in proactivity, proactive employees and proactive strategiesEntrepreneurs interested in entrepreneurial awareness of opportunitiesEntrepreneurs interested in internal and external awareness factors influencing businessEntrepreneurs interested in bringing about a change in the environmentEntrepreneurs curious about envisioning and pursuing business goalsAnyone interested in a proactive entrepreneur’s personalityAnyone interested in proactivity vs reactivityAnyone curious about shaping the future through foresightShow moreShow less
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[100%OFF]How to Become a Proactive Entrepreneur with your sixth sense
[100%OFF]How to Become a Proactive Entrepreneur with your sixth sense


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