[100%OFF]Excel Accounting 2–Worksheet, Opening Balances, & Subledger

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None – If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel you can use Google Sheets or another electronic spreadsheet program


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DescriptionIn this course we will create an accounting system starting from a blank Excel worksheet and add begging balances to our accounts.Learners will learn how to navigate Microsoft Excel as well as how to create a well-designed accounting worksheet, complete with a general journal, trial balance, general ledger, and subsidiary ledgers for accounts receivable, accounts payable, & inventory. Excel is a very good tool to learn accounting because it is much more transparent than a database program, like accounting software, QuickBooks being a common example of accounting software.For most new steps in the process, you will have access to a downloadable Excel Workbook, containing at least two tabs, one with the answer, the new steps being completed, the other starting out where the prior presentation left off.Once our accounting system using an Excel worksheet is set up, we will add journal entries to enter beginning balances to our accounts, imagining we are moving from a prior accounting system to our new Excel worksheet system.When adding the beginning inventory balance to the chart of accounts, we will also add an inventory subsidiary ledger, reporting inventory by item and unit, as well as by cost.As we add the beginning accounts receivable balance to the chart of accounts, we will also add the accounts receivable subsidiary ledger, showing the money owed to the company by customer.And when we add the accounts payable balance to the chart of accounts, we will add the accounts payable subsidiary ledger, reporting the money owed by the company to vendors.Who this course is for:Anybody who wants to learn accountingAnybody who wants to learn Microsoft ExcelAccounting and business studentsShow moreShow less
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[100%OFF]Excel Accounting 2–Worksheet, Opening Balances, & Subledger
[100%OFF]Excel Accounting 2–Worksheet, Opening Balances, & Subledger


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