[100%OFF]Effective Date, String & Categorical Data Manipulation in R

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Basic R programming with knowledge about things like variables, data types, operators, vectors, matrices data frames.A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) and some admin privileges to install the necessary software.Internet access


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DescriptionThis course will teach you all you need to know to manipulate string, date, and categorical data effectively in R. We shall make use of base R, the stringr package, the forcats package, the chron package and the lubridate packages in this course. This course is the second in a series of  four courses dealing with data wrangling and exploration in R. The others are:Importing and exporting data in R: which has to do with importing csv, tab, txt, xlsx and other file types into REffective Data frame manipulation in R: which involves using base R, the packages dplyr, tidyr, data.table, and sqldf to manipulate data framesEffective Data cleaning and explorationIn this course, we are going to look at the following:reading and writing raw text dataformatting stringsjoining and splitting stringssubsetting stringscleaning stringsperforming set operations on stringsregex functions in both base R and stringrperforming regex operationscreating factors and ordered factorsfactor attributes and structureinspecting factorsmanipulating factorsconverting strings and numeric to factors and vice versathe Date classthe POSIXt classesthe chron packagethe lubridate packagecreating dates and date-times from integers and stringsextracting date-time partsgetting the current date and date-timeperforming date-time calculationsrounding datetimesformatting datetimestimespans: duration, periods, and intervalimporting date-time columnsHope you enjoy this course as we did developing it.Who this course is for:Data analystData scientistBusiness Intelligence developersAnyone doing data wrangling or munging or preparation in RShow moreShow less
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[100%OFF]Effective Date, String & Categorical Data Manipulation in R
[100%OFF]Effective Date, String & Categorical Data Manipulation in R


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