[100%OFF]ECCouncil 312-50v7 Ethical Hacking Certified Practice Exam

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DescriptionSample Questions:Why do attackers use a proxy server?To ensure that the exploits used in attacks always rotate the investment vectors. Greater performance and increases the range of bandwidth attack. Interrupting remote network traffic victims and redirecting the attackers of the machine To hide the IP address of the source, so that an attacker can be cracked without any legal investigation NoneCommunity SNMP Reading Community Chain, such as a password. The chain is sent along with each Get-shive SNMP and allows (or denies) access to the device. Most network equipment manufacturers to send them to the default password “public”. This so-called “default open source community line”. How would you prevent the attacker from obtaining confidential information regarding network devices through SNMP? (Select two answers) Enable SNMPv3, which encrypts the username / password authentication Use the name of your company as a public community chain, replacing the default “public” Enable IP filtering to limit access to SNMP device The default setting provides devices providers guarantees a high degree of security and you do not need to change anything You are writing a security policy that hardens and avoids Hackers Footprint attempts. Which of the following countermeasures is effective against this attack?Configure the routers to limit the answers to traces requests Configuring web servers to avoid information leaks and turn off unnecessary protocols Monitor each employee computer with spy camera, keyloggers and spy of them Follow the printing methods of traces and eliminate the confidential information found in the DMZ sites NoneWww Wanderers or Spiders are programs that go through many pages in the World Wide Web when recursively recovering the linked pages. Search engines like Google, often spider web pages for indexing. How to stop a web spider trace certain directories on your site?Put the robots.txt file in the root directory of your site with a directory list, you do not want to be a search engine Establish authentication in the root directory, which will prevent it from crawling from these spiders Enabling SSL about restricted directories that will block these spiders scan Place http: do not track on HTML pages that you do not want index scanners NoneHayden is a network security administrator for your company, a large financial services company based in Miami. Hayden had just returned from a security conference in Las Vegas, where they talked about all kinds of old and new security threats; Many of whom she did not know. Hayden was worried about the current state of security of the network of his company, so he decides to start a network scan of the external IP address. To see some of the hosts of your network to react, send a SYN package to the IP range. Several IP addresses correspond to the SYN / ACK response. Before establishing a connection, send RST-Packets into these nodes to stop the session. It does so to see how your intrusion detection system will detect traffic. What kind of inspection is you trying here?Hayden tries to find live hosts in his company’s network through Christmas scanning Use SYN scan to find live hosts that you listen to your network. Type of scan, use called Null Scan Hayden uses a half open scan, to find live hosts in his network NoneWho this course is for:Those who want to get knowledge on Certifications & Check your Skill Test while attend this Practice TestShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]ECCouncil 312-50v7 Ethical Hacking Certified Practice Exam
[100%OFF]ECCouncil 312-50v7 Ethical Hacking Certified Practice Exam


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