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[100%OFF]Drupal Guide 2022

⏱ Duration4 hours
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📢 language:English
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[100%OFF]Drupal Guide 2022

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Created by Wilhelm Laubach
4.2 Rating for Instructor
40 Reviews for the courses
12,258 Students Enrolled
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📚 Description

DescriptionThe following videos aim to offer a comprehensive guide on what Drupal is and how to properly use it. Together, these videos will teach beginners how to approach Drupal and gain advantages while using it. Viewers will learn all the ins and outs of the program.The first few video ideas are more just introduction videos (What is Drupal, how do you sign up, pros vs. cons, etc.). Once those videos are completed, we can move on to more comprehensive videos that actually show viewers how to use Drupal.What is Drupal? An IntroductionWhat are the primary functions of Drupal?What type of people should be signing up to use the platform? What businesses does it specifically help? Signing Up for Drupal & CostsWhat type of people should sign up for Drupal?How do you sign up for Drupal?What information do you need to provide when signing up for Drupal?How much does it cost to use Drupal as a Developer?How much does it cost to use Drupal as a Business?How much does it cost to use Drupal as an Agency?Drupal or WordPress: What’s Better for You?Here are some benefits of WordPress:Easy to useEasy to get helpLow development costsExtensibilityAnd here are some benefits of Drupal:Custom views and content typesAllows you to access controls and user permissionsTaxonomies for handlings a lot of dataCore support for multilingual sitesInstall Drupal on An Existing WebsiteHaving a local environment or website to install Drupal onto.Meeting the minimum requirements for the software to run efficiently.Having a MySQL database for the website to use.Selecting your site’s primary language.Selecting your installation profile.Who this course is for:beginnersShow moreShow less

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