[100%OFF]Develop & Deploy Java Springboot App on Kubernetes Cluster

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Basics of Java


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DescriptionIn this course, you will learn everything about Docker and Kubernetes in step by step manner by implementing it with SpringBoot and Minikube.We will learn about the Architecture/working of docker and its components.We will also talk about some of the best practices that should be followed while using Kubernetes.Then we will move on to understand the different deployment strategies that we have been following and what are the limitations of those approaches.Why containerization is the best deployment strategy available now.Why we need Kubernetes.What problem does Kubernetes solves.2-What is Container, Docker, Container Deployment and Challenges3-What is Kubernetes4-Kubernetes cluster and concept of Node5-Overview of Worker and Master Node and What is Namespaces6-Worker Node, Kubelet, POD, Container7-Master Node component – API Server8-Master Node component – Controller Manager and its types8-Master Node component – Scheduler9-Master Node component – etcd key value store10-Kubernetes Virtual Internal Network11-Deep Dive into POD and Service component12-Replica and ReplicaSets13-What is Deployment, how deployment works  What is, Kubectl, Helm chart14-Options available for running Kubernetes cluster – Minikube, Azure Kubernetes Service, Elastic Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Service15-Different Types of Service1-What is minikube and downloading the softwares2-Installing and Starting Minikube3-Verifying Minikube Cluster Installation with Kubectl commands4-Generating Springboot Project from Spring Initializer5-Importing Springboot Project To Intellij6-Creatin Hello World Controller7-Creating the Dockerfile for our Springboot App8-Allowing Kubernetes to have access to local docker image and Building our image locally9-Creating Deployment, Accessing Deployment details, Getting Pod info and Pod ogs10-Creating a NodePort service on our deployment and exposing it and Accessing Kubernetes Dashboard11-Accessing the Springboot App running inside PodWho this course is for:Anyone who wants to learn about docker and kubernetes and apply it in their workShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Develop & Deploy Java Springboot App on Kubernetes Cluster
[100%OFF]Develop & Deploy Java Springboot App on Kubernetes Cluster


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