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[100%OFF]Data Visualization in Excel: All Excel Charts and Graphs

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You will need a PC with any version of Excel installed in itBasic understanding of Excel operations like opening, closing and saving a file


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📚 Description

DescriptionWhat are the chart types I will learn in this course?Excel offers the following major chart types. All of these are covered in this course    Column Chart    Line Chart    Pie Chart    Doughnut Chart    Bar Chart    Area Chart    XY (Scatter) Chart    Bubble Chart    Stock Chart    Surface Chart    Radar Chart    Combo Chart    Pivot Chart    SparklinesAnd many other creative ones :)How are charts useful in Excel?A chart is a tool you can use in Excel to communicate data graphically. Charts allow your audience to see the meaning behind the numbers, and they make showing comparisons and trends much easier.What are the benefits of using charts in Excel?Excel charts allow spreadsheet administrators to create visualizations of data sets. By highlighting a set of data within an Excel spreadsheet and feeding it into the charting tool, users can easily create various types of charts in which the data is displayed in a graphical way.This course will answer all the questions that would pop up while you set to visualize your data using Excel charts such as:How do you make Excel charts look better?How do you format a chart in Excel?What are the different elements of charts?How do I make those awesome infographics that I see in fancy magazines and TV reports?How do I create a comparison chart in Excel?What is the best chart to use for comparison?And many more…How is this course different from other resources available online?Most courses cover only teach how to draw different types of charts in Excel. The main point is missed. The main point of creating a chart is that you want to convey a message or tell a story using the chart. In this course, once you have learnt all the charting tools, you will also learn how you should create a chart. How you can highlight your message and avoid clutter in the chart, so that when your audience looks at the chart, the message is clearly conveyed to them.Who this course is for:Anyone curious to master charts in excel from beginner to advanced in short span of timeShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Data Visualization in Excel: All Excel Charts and Graphs
[100%OFF]Data Visualization in Excel: All Excel Charts and Graphs


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