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The basic pre-requisites would include the following: Basic knowledge of computers is needed. Zeal and a passion to learn Some level of interest in server administration Understanding of Linux based systems Knowledge of 3 tier architecture and how to operate GUI based systems Basic understanding of web site hosting


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📚 Description

DescriptionIn this course, you will learn about basic and advance Linux and bash scripting as cPanel is based out of Linux. You will also learn and understand the concepts of advanced programming and online web site hosting as this is the primary feature of cPanel. Apart from these, you will also be made familiar and will understand the concepts of server administration. This provides a graphical user interface to manage your web hosting account and therefore once you get a good experience of the GUI, it is a good tangible skill which you can expect to learn from this cPanel Certification course. cPanel provides a wide array of features that ranges from adding an email address to handling subdomain names.This cPanel course is intended to make your Linux and server administration skills grow as you will be responsible to work on the cPanel which is an online web hosting control panel so the value adds that you get from this course would be related to online web hosting and server administration and other Linux administrative tasks. You will also be familiarized with WHM thereby making your skills set critical and you can expect good add on to your curriculum vitae.The cPanel certification is designed in such a way that it covers all the major aspects and every theory and concept that needs to be studied. If you work well in this cPanel Certification, you would not need to study or refer anything else apart from this course. We would recommend you to complete all the modules of this course well in-depth and practice in parallel. Once that task is completed then you can start the revision. You should not find the need to refer some external material as the course curriculum for cPanel training is designed in such a way that gives an end to end visibility as a developer, analyst, and like any other professional working with cPanel.If you consider the theory part and the conceptual part, that can be taken care of by just reading and going through cPanel certification just once. But if you are planning to make your career based on it, we would recommend you to keep practicing to not lose the flavor of it and also to be able to perform well at interviews and other professional places. The control panel handling and the GUI handling might be an easy task to work for but still, it would require some level of practice so that you do not forget what has been studied here or also to avoid any kind of mismatch in the theory and the practical cases.The CPanel beginner course is the one which aims to provide you the basic information required to start with the Cpanel course. Training will include features such as home, an overview of the basic Cpanel beginner concepts, how to register for a domain name, getting web hosting for a particular website, how to set up a name server, Logging Cpanel Dashboard, about changing password, styles, contact information, statistics and dashboard usage, user manager, File permissions and file manager, etc. These are the basic getting started features for the Cpanel beginner course. It makes sure to give you an overall view and flavor of the Cpanel certification.Who this course is for:The ideal target audience would be the professionals, students, and all those people who are trying to gain hands-on and understand the basics of the cPanel Course in a more detailed and comprehensive manner. The professionals would include server administrators , Linux professionals, ones related to website hosting, resellers, third-party vendors, developers, and people who are trying to leverage the cPanel for their own business and companies.Show moreShow less
[100%OFF]cPanel for Beginners
[100%OFF]cPanel for Beginners


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