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[100%OFF]C++ : Tools and Ecosystem for Beginners

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[100%OFF]C++ : Tools and Ecosystem for Beginners

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4.1 Instructor Rating211 Reviews42,081 Students7 Courses


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4.1 Rating for Instructor
211 Reviews for the courses
42,081 Students Enrolled
7 Number of courses
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DescriptionCPP or C++ mostly becomes part of a software professional’s in many ways but rarely as a primary objective. With time the language can become overwhelmingly complex to understand. The complex nature of C++ originates from its long history and constant updates. Learning the syntax of C++ seems easy but getting high-performance code in production is a lot more than that. **** The content is presented as a practice test. You MUST review the questions to see the detailed answers. ******Learning C++ without knowing its ecosystems and tools makes the journey hard. As a result, most developers avoid C++ as their primary skill. The course aims to remove such misconceptions and provide a basic premise to build a solid foundation before diving deeper into the language. The questions are a collection of my personal experience as a self-taught C++ programmer over the past 13 years.The course is structured as practice tests to help understand differences in current perception and facts. The resources contain articles, documentation links, and conference talks. The C++ community has been actively sharing information for the past decade. Therefore, bookmark the resources as needed and follow up later as you dive deeper into the language constructs.Although the questions can seem subjective and theoretical at times, the intent is to provide information from a holistic perspective. Therefore, the information in answers does not help clear interviews. Instead, the information is to empower you with awareness about the depth and richness of the C++ ecosystem.Points to rememberThe course does not compare C++ with any other languages.The course provides suggestions to prepare yourself as a C++ programmer for the long run.The tests cover five major prerequisite areas. The order allows a linear increase in the complexity of resources.Please read the answers carefully after completing the tests.Finally, please be patient while learning C++. Indeed the rewards are sweet for the one who waits!Who this course is for:Beginner C++ developersDevelopers planning to learn C++ as a secondary expertiseStudents planning to learn C++ as primary skillStudents using C++ for curriculum assignmentsShow moreShow less

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