[100%OFF]Business English Course: Essentials in Business World

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You should have at least an intermediate level of English (minimum B1 level)


Created by World English Academy
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📚 Description

DescriptionThis course has been strategically designed to prepare you for the Business Life. The course will teach you how to prepare for different types of business talks, formal Emails, Business Meetings, Presentations and how to communicate with other people in the workplace.Business English communication skills are highly essential for getting ahead at  work. Improving your professional business vocabulary and knowledge will help you  work more effectively and open up new career opportunities.This course is intended for students of different levels and ages, dealing their  business in English. This course will help them identify the need for English  language and enable them to focus on the significance of English language proficiency in work life and business situations.This course is also designed for helping business and management students in  improving their productive proficiency in English listening, speaking and writing.  The collective reading, writing and speaking lessons will help enrich the students  with new business English vocabulary, provide them with an extensive  understanding of the fundamental grammar structures used in Business English and to teach them how to apply these structures in particular business contexts throughpractical exercises and examples.The course also aims at helping the students with improving professional etiquette  at the workplace, have formal business negotiations, formal telephone  conversations, write formal emails and enhance their report writing and presentation making skills.Learning outcomes also include: • Improved listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills • Vocabulary development for basic business situations • An overall understanding of English business culture• Identifying the need for English language and enabling the students to focus on the significance of English language proficiency in work life and business situations• Helping business and management students improve their productive proficiency in English speaking and writing• Enriching students with business English vocabulary and helping them communicate effectively in professional and business contexts• Improving professional etiquette at the workplace, business negotiations, telephone conversations, emails, written reports, and presentationsYou can find the topics you will learn here: Lesson -1 Introduction to job vocabularyLesson -2 Some Basic Words And ExpressionsLesson -3 Workplace vocabularyLesson -4 Phrases for interactingLesson -5 Small talkLesson -6 Networking and InteractingLesson -7 IntonationLesson -8 High Tones vs. Flat TonesLesson -9 Workplace EtiquetteLesson -10 Meeting colleaguesLesson -11 Formal table manners and dining etiquetteLesson -12 Business Meeting Etiquette – Part 1 Lesson -13 Business Meeting Etiquette – Part 2 Lesson -14 Business Meetings – Part 1Lesson -15 Business Meetings – Part 2Lesson -16 Business Meetings – Part 3Lesson -17 Business Meetings – Part 4 Lesson -18 Presentations – Part 1 Lesson -19 Bonus Tips and TricksLesson -20 Presentations – Part 2Lesson -21 Presentations – Part 3Lesson -22 Presentations – Part 4Lesson -23 Business Calls – Telephone English Part 1Lesson -24 Business Calls – Telephone English Part 2Lesson 25 Business Calls – Telephone English Part 3Lesson 26 Business Calls – Telephone English Part 4Lesson 27 Formal emails – Part 1Lesson 28 Formal emails – Part 2Lesson 29 Formal emails – Part 3Lesson 30 Formal emails – Part 4Lesson 31 Business English Vocabulary – Part 1Lesson 32 Business English Vocabulary – Part 2Lesson 33 Business English idioms, expressions, and phrasesLesson 34 Business English idioms, expressions, and phrases Part 2Who this course is for:Students interested in Business lifePeople applying for new positionsShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Business English Course: Essentials in Business World
[100%OFF]Business English Course: Essentials in Business World


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