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Created by Alex Genadinik
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DescriptionLearn to create blog and website content that is at the same time:SEO friendlyGrabs attention of readers with good sales copywritingContains interesting writingUpsells your products or servicesDIFFERENCE BETWEEN SALES COPYWRITING AND BLOG CONTENT WRITINGThere is a separate field called Sales Copywriting. It deals with attracting buyers or making people click on your headlines. This is a marketing field and it’s an important one for getting more traffic. We cover this in the course.But your marketing can’t be all sales copywriting. When people click on your blog posts, those posts must contain actual interesting writing. We cover that in the course as well.This way, you get the best of both worlds because it’s not enough to just get traffic. You must provide a lot of value to your website visitors so they like your content, trust you, subscribe to what you are offering, and eventually buy from you. ADDING SEO CONTENT WRITING TO YOUR BLOGGINGFor many blogs, the biggest source of traffic is from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when people search for something related to the blog. So it’s not just enough to write content, we must also research SEO keywords and do SEO content writing to bring traffic via search. We will cover that in the course as well.WHAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE COURSEYou will be able to write solid blog posts, each of which is optimized for SEO while grabbing and holding the reader’s interest. Each post will also be a part of your bigger content strategy, which you will also learn to create in this course.HOW TO START A WORDPRESS BLOG – JUST CONTENT WRITING – NOT WEBSITE BUILDINGThis course does not teach technical website development and WordPress development. The assumption is that you would already have a website and a blog set up by yourself or a freelancer. This course only focuses on content creation and content writing when you start a blog.MAKE MONEY BLOGGINGAfter you attract readers, get to come back regularly, and engage with your content, I’ll show you how to make money blogging. You can make money blogging by publishing ads, selling product, selling services, and more.Invest in your future. Enroll today.Who this course is for:New bloggersNew digital marketersShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Blogging & Content Writing Course – Start A Profitable Blog
[100%OFF]Blogging & Content Writing Course – Start A Profitable Blog


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