[100%OFF]Apache Web Server Training Hands-on

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This course on Apache web server is built in such a way that we have tried to start everything from scratch so that our learners need not waste time in finding the appropriate material to go through for understanding. We have everything here under one roof! This way of tutoring has made us “the most sought-after” training providing Centre and we are striving to improve ourselves even after that so that we provide the best-in-class experience. Having said that, some prerequisite mentioned below is good to have for better and quicker understanding: People having some or basic knowledge about HTTP or web protocol is a plus point. People not from the coding background are advised to have some coding sessions before jumping onto this course, at least the pseudo-code part. Knowing Unix CLI is also good to have a skill from this training viewpoint.


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DescriptionLet us first understand what web servers and then jump on to a specific Apache Web server and understand what’s in store for us in Apache. As the name suggests the job of web servers is to “serve websites” on the internet. It is like a mediator between the server and the client. As a middleman, the content is pulled from the server on the request of the user and then displayed on the web. One of the biggest challenges web servers face is to serve multiple concurrent requests and that is where Igor Sysoev, a person coined the word NGINX, to solve the problem of C10K, i.e. the problem to handle a big number of concurrent sessions.The source of the web page can be anything, be it PHP, Python, Java, and many others, and what happens is that all these different sources are transformed into HTML files, and these HTML files are the source for all the web pages’ content. So, if a person says, a web server, do not get overwhelmed listening to the word. It just essentially means a toll which helps in smooth communication between the server and the client.Now, when we talk about web server the one which is widely used in the industry is Apache web server and that is exactly what we would study in this Apache Web Server Training. Apache, although it is a web server, is not a physical server but in turn software that runs on a server. The task of Apache is to make sure to transfer the files back and for the between the server and browsers where visitors submit their queries. Apache is compatible with Unix as well as windows servers. For example, if a visitor wants to view the “All Courses” page or even the home page, the browser of the visitor will send a request to our server, and Apache here will return a response with the requested files from the browser.Lastly, we would like to mention that Apache is an open-source platform that is maintained by the Apache software foundation and is the most popular web server in existence.What skills will you learn in this Course?This course is a conglomerate of topics that will allow you to have a sense of ownership and will come a long way in making you capable of tackling the toughest nut to crack in the professional world. This course will place you in that handful of people who are “the chosen ones”! During the course, you would eventually come across things and theories on security concerns which is an important point to be discussed in today’s era where we would never want our servers to be compromised.Post completion of the course on Apache Server, you would be capable of building servers that are highly robust and secured and high performance as well. You would find answers to all your problems, be it be a beginner’s question or be it of an advanced learner’s one just under this single roof! Lastly, we would like to mention the strong foundation that this Apache Web Server Training will lay making room for the empire of knowledge to be built on.Who this course is for:There is nothing like the “target” audience for any of our courses. We try to build everything from scratch in our courses and the only thing we require from our learner is dedication and perseverance during learning. We are just the provider of fuel to knowledge-hungry learners! This course will act as an “only” guide for the computer science students taking a course on Apache web server in their university. This course will provide all answers to the doubts you might have during your classes at university. For someone who wants to move to the next big role, this Apache Web Server Training will try to bridge the gap and provide a seamless transition to the next role! For a person who has been working on the Apache webserver for long, this course will act as a refresher to go through some seldom-used terminologies yet important ones as a part of this course. All in all, to summarize this is the course you were longing to join and we hope that our journey together will be a mutually rewarding one.Show moreShow less
[100%OFF]Apache Web Server Training Hands-on
[100%OFF]Apache Web Server Training Hands-on


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