[100%OFF]Apache Spark with Scala useful for Databricks Certification

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🧾what you will learn:

Some programming experience is required and Scala fundamental knowledge is also required , but you need to know the fundamentals of programming in order to pick it up.You will need a desktop PC and an Internet connection.Any flavor of Operating System is fine.


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📚 Description

DescriptionApache Spark with Scala useful for Databricks Certification(Unofficial)Apache Spark with Scala its a Crash Course for Databricks Certification Enthusiast (Unofficial) for beginners “Big data” analysis is a hot and highly valuable skill – and this course will teach you the hottest technology in big data: Apache Spark. Employers including Amazon, eBay, NASA, Yahoo, and many more. All are using Spark to quickly extract meaning from massive data sets across a fault-tolerant Hadoop cluster. You’ll learn those same techniques, using your own Operating system right at home.So, What are we going to cover in this course then?Learn and master the art of framing data analysis problems as Spark problems through over 30+ hands-on examples, and then execute them up to run on Databricks cloud computing services (Free Service) in this course. Well, the course is covering topics which are included for certification:  1) Spark Architecture Components Driver, Core/Slots/Threads, Executor Partitions2) Spark Execution Jobs Tasks Stages 3) Spark Concepts Caching, DataFrame Transformations vs. Actions, Shuffling Partitioning, Wide vs. Narrow Transformations 4) DataFrames API DataFrameReader DataFrameWriter DataFrame [Dataset]5) Row & Column (DataFrame)6) Spark SQL Functions In order to get started with the course And to do that you’re going to have to set up your environment.So, the first thing you’re going to need is a web browser that can be (Google Chrome or Firefox, or Safari, or Microsoft Edge (Latest version)) on Windows, Linux, and macOS desktop This is completely Hands-on Learning with the Databricks environment.Who this course is for:Apache Spark Beginners, Beginner Apache Spark Developer, Bigdata Engineers or Developers, Software Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data ScientistShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]Apache Spark with Scala useful for Databricks Certification
[100%OFF]Apache Spark with Scala useful for Databricks Certification


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