[100%OFF]Apache Pig Training – Tame the Big Data

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Basic computer knowledge Some hands-on upon any programming language or any coding background will be helpful Big data ecosystem familiarity and HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) Zeal and enthusiasm to learn something new and implement it


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DescriptionApache Pig is the abstract technology over Map Reduce which in itself is a tool or a platform used for analyzing heavy data sets and envisioning them as data flows. This tool makes use of PigLatin language which is used along with Hadoop for data manipulation and their operations. Pig Latin is a high-level language which provides numerous operators using which programmers can develop their functions for reading, writing as well as processing the data. To be able to do data analysis through this tool, the script must be composed using the Pig Latin language. The scripts are then converted to Map and Reduce tasks. Pig Engine accepts the pig Latin scripts as its inputs thereby generating map-reduce jobs. The pig training is best for all the programmers as it ensures that complex pieces of Java code are not required now to execute simple tasks and achieve simple functionality. Instead, it follows a multi-query approach which reduces the lines of code used for programming. Just to compare 200 lines of Java code can be done in 10 lines of PIG code. It is a SQL like a language and therefore users who have SQL like a background are good to go choice for implementing PIG language.In this Apache Pig Training, you will learn about how to make use of Big data tools and technology. How easy and convenient it will be once you know how to deal with data sets and various big data tools which could be used to make your life and businesses a lot better and be beneficial to provide them the right set of information and not just raw data. You will also learn about Piglatin language and the scripts related to it.Who this course is for:Professionals who have been working in Big data ecosystem and want to give an add on to their skill set by learning a new technology PIG. Professionals who have been working with other IT related technology and wish to switch into the big data ecosystem by learning Apache Pig training Students who are very new in entering the IT realm and wish to kick start their career by making use of something a lot more useful such as Apache PIG for Big data. Data analysts and developers who have been working with the creation and the development of software and analyzing the data can be the ideal audience for learning Apache Pig training Anyone interested to learn a programming language in the growing field of analytics.Show moreShow less
[100%OFF]Apache Pig Training – Tame the Big Data
[100%OFF]Apache Pig Training – Tame the Big Data


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