[100%OFF]Advance logo design course: Bear mascot shape design

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Just adobe illustrator software in any versionA little bit adobe illustrator knowledge require like pen tool pathfinder tool and colors etc….That’s it…


Created by Mirza muhammad usman baig
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Description                                 ***** Learn mascot logo design: Professional bear mascot logo design quickly and step by step *****Learn mascot bear logo design in adobe illustrator step and step very easy way. If you are familiar with adobe illustrator then this course is for you. I will mostly use the Pen tool to draw shapes and some other tools but you can also use Adobe Photoshop if you have basic knowledge of it but I prefer adobe illustrator.This course is very simple and easy to understand. You will learn a fast and quick way to draw the unique shapes of the bear logo and then you can apply some techniques to create different kinds of shapes on different animals to create a mascot logo for your own business or for your client. This course especially helps full for students who are working as freelancers or want to work as freelancers in the logo and graphic design field.This course is very short less than 1 hour but it is a unique and quick way to create a bear mascot logo. Is this course is for everyone?Yes everyone can join that course includes:1. New students but prefer little a bit knowledge about adobe illustrator2. Freelancers3. Graphic designer4. Logo design learner5. Adobe illustrator learner6. Working with pen tools and others7. Businessman8. Housewife’s9. Passion for knowledge10. Unique techniques learners11. And everyone can join that courseWhat you will learn?You will learn mascot logo design techniques where I will show you how you can design a bear mascot logo design and then you can create your own unique and box different mascot logos using different animals for different brands or your own brand. I will mostly use the pen tool and Pathfinder tools using adobe illustrator. What software requirements for that course?Adobe Illustrator software requires for that course. It does not matter what version you are using. It can be cs 2021, 2020,2019,2017 or cs3,cs4,cs5,cs6 etc…Does any specific device require watching a video course?You may be used compute/laptop/Andriod/iso etc…Who this course is for:Want to build mascot logo for your own website or social media or for your clientsDesignersFreelancersGraphic designersLogo design learnerNew learner studentsThis course is for everyoneHousewife’sBusiness manWebsite developers to create own logoI.T students who want to learn mascot logo designShow moreShow less
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[100%OFF]Advance logo design course: Bear mascot shape design
[100%OFF]Advance logo design course: Bear mascot shape design


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