[100%OFF]310-012 ACI Dealing Certificate Practice Exam Paper

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DescriptionSample Questions:Q) Todays spot value date is the 30th of June. What is the maturity date of a 2-month EUR deposit deal today? Assume no bank holidays.A. 27th AugustB. 30th AugustC. 31st AugustD. 1 SeptemberQ) A 30-day 4% CD with a face value of GBP 20,000,000.00 is trading in the secondary market with 20 days remaining to maturity at 4.05%. What would be your holding period yield if you bought the CD now and held it to maturity?A. 4.05%B. 4.0%C. 3.891%D. 3.838%Q) You quote a customer a spot cable 1.6050-55 in USD 3,000,000.00. If they sell USD to you, how much GBP will you be short of?A. 4,816,500.00B. 1,869,158.88C. 1,868,57677D. 4,815,000.00Q) Regarding access to production systems, which of the following is incorrect?A. Profiles for functions are encouraged and should bB. Developers should have unrestricted access to prodC. Access to production systems should be rigorouslyD. Users should not have access to change system funcQ) An option is:A. The right to buy or sell a commodity at a fixed prB. B. The right to buy a commodity at a fixed priceC. The right but not the obligation to buy or sell aD. The right but not the obligation to buy a commoditQ) Which of the following CHF/JPY quotes that you have received is the best rate for you to buy CHF?A. 105.80B. 105.75C. 105.70D. 105.85Q) Which of the following is true about interest rate swaps (IRS):A. Both parties know what their future payments willB. There is payment of principal at maturityC. Payments are always made grossD. The fixed rate payer knows what his future paymentWho this course is for:Those who want to get knowledge on Certification & Check your Skill Test while attend this Practice TestShow moreShow less
[100%OFF]310-012 ACI Dealing Certificate Practice Exam Paper
[100%OFF]310-012 ACI Dealing Certificate Practice Exam Paper


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