[100%OFF]Simple Cartoon Drawing Course : a Kid driving a Car

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🛠 Requirement

Black Ball PenA4 PapersScannerPhotoshop softwarePassion to learn

🤔The course targeted for:

Anyone Who wants to learn how to Create Cartoons
Beginner Cartoon Artists

🧾what you will learn:

Black Ball PenA4 PapersScannerPhotoshop softwarePassion to learn


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📚 Description

Drawing a Car can be very complicated when editing the transparent windShield; in this masterclass, i will teach you a simple technique to achieve Transparent Glasses using aKid in His Toy Car. This is a Real Time Step-By Step Process of the entire Drawing and Editing using Photoshop.

Hello I’m T.S Amachree, I have been a Cartoonist for more than 13 years  and I have upgraded my techniques over the years; I love deeply sharing my Knoweldge and Experience with you, How I Draw and Color My Cartoon Characters.

This Masterclass will equip you with the Basics of Drawing and Coloring a Cartoon Character, a real time step by step Guide showing my every move on Drawing and Coloring a Cartoon Car Driver.

With Simple and yet Powerful techniques to enable you create “Professional” Cartoon Character straight from your Imagination. You don’t need to have so much experience in Drawing, this masterclass will guide you through.

You Don’t Need A fancy Graphic Tab to do this; all you need is a Ball point Pen and Willingness to learn.

Benefits Of This Masterclass

  • You Learn how to make Digital Cartoon Art.

  • You Increase your Creative Expression.

  • Improve Concentration & Mental Health.

  • Earn Extra Money Being A Cartoonist.

  • Opportunity to make WebComics.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Tips to Draw A Cartoon Character Car.

  2. How to Color a Cartoon Driver.

  3. How to place a Character inside a Car.

  4. How to Color a Car WindShield ( Secret Sauce)

  5. How to Increase Your Confidence with Drawing.

  6. How To Develop Cartoon Characters from your Imagination.

  7. How To Edit & Color Cartoon Character in Photoshop.

  8. How To Turn your Idea Into digital Art.

There are Countless Amount of Opportunity for Cartoonist and this Masterclass gives you a spring board into your cartoon drawing career.

This course is designed for Aspirant Cartoonists, Graphic Designers and people who want to learn How to creatively express their ideas into Digital Form.

This Cute Cartoon Driver wants you to start making cartoons.

This course is designed for you.

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