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🛠 Requirement

No prior experience needed, just a willingness to learn and apply the techniques.

🤔The course targeted for:

For people who want to get into sales as a career
For existing sales professionals looking to enhance their skills
Sales and Marketing managers, Business Development Managers, Sales Specialists, Product Managers, Head of commercial operations – any job that directly or indirectly deals with selling of products/services
Business owners, Entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales to grow their business
Generally, for anyone who wants to market and sell their idea – you can never go wrong learning the art of selling regardless of what profession you are in.

🧾what you will learn:

No prior experience needed, just a willingness to learn and apply the techniques.


Created by Himesh Trivedi
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📚 Description

What is selling? It is simply offering a solution to a problem that a customer has by way of your product or service. Every business right now, no matter what trade they are in, sells either a product or a service to its customer base. Its therefore imperative, that one of the most important skills that businesses, as well as individuals need is that of how to sell effectively. Therefore, sales needn’t be a bad thing, it’s all about offering customers the best solution to their problem.

Some of the questions that salespeople face is:

· How do I get those quick sales?

· How do I get the customer to like and trust me?

· How do I get customers instantly interested in what I have to sell?

· What is the best way to prepare for a sales call?

· What do I say when I meet the customer, and how do I pitch my product/service without being pushy?

· How do I handle objections confidently and effectively?

· How can I close the sale without being pushy?


Sales Skills: The Comprehensive Sales Training Masterclass

This online sales training course is a step-by-step blueprint to teach you everything there is to know about sales. The course is divided into 5 Modules and here are some of the many things that will be covered:

· How to be more likeable and build trust with your customers using proven techniques.

· How to build a Powerful Personal Value proposition that will get the customer interested from the word go.

· How to effectively prepare for a sales meeting

· Exactly what to say to customers and teach you how to make customers want your product/service using the unique 3 P’s Process

· How to handle customer objections confidently

· 5 proven closing techniques

· And lots more!

With this comprehensive course, you will improve your sales skills, which will result in higher sales. The sales techniques taught in this course will lead you to having greater confidence and ability to closing those deals.

I am an online entrepreneur, public speaker, trainer, and coach. I have worked in the corporate world becoming one of the youngest general managers of a public listed company. I have also founded multiple companies that went on to be successful. The one key success factor was that I was good at selling. It is these selling skills that I teach in this course. All my knowledge condensed into this one masterclass.

The sales techniques, sales skills and sales strategies taught in this course are proven and have been optimised through my extensive sales experience.

This sales training masterclass will work for you, whether you are a beginner or already established in the sales world – or your money back!


This masterclass is designed to walk you through the sales process and effectively close more sales deals.

If you take this masterclass, take the action, and don’t generate more sales, then I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Now if you ready to take your sales skills to a new level, I’ll see you inside.

– Himesh

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