[100%OFF]Linux Fundamentals for Cyber Security |Ethical Hacking Basic

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🛠 Requirement

Basic Knowledge of Computer WorkingA PC or Laptop with minimum 1GB of ramActive Internet Connection

🤔The course targeted for:

Anyone who might be interested in learning Linux
Anyone interested in mastering the worlds most powerful OS

🧾what you will learn:

Basic Knowledge of Computer WorkingA PC or Laptop with minimum 1GB of ramActive Internet Connection


Created by Mohammad Fahad
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📚 Description

This course covers all useful basic to advance linux commands. These are must know commands for all linux beginners, without learning these commands you cannot master Linux. This course comes with 30 day money back guarantee, so their is no risk if you enroll in this course. Enroll Now and get ready to enter in the world of Linux.

Here is more what you will learn through this course:

  • Easily understand what Linux is

  • Understand Important definitions.

  • How to install virtual machines easily and bypass all the common issues.

  • Fully understanding the Kali graphical interface.

  • Understanding what the terminal is and how to customize it and use the important keyboard shortcuts effectively.

  • How to change the password for any user using the command line.

  • How to run the superuser shell through any standard user shell.

  • Ability to install any tool or software through the terminal.

  • How to update and upgrade your system.

  • How to view the present working directory on the shell.

  • Changing the directory and how to use the tricks to quicken accessing the required directory.

  • How to list files and directories and how to view the hidden files and directories through your machine or the victim’s machine.

  • Reading and creating files directly through the terminal.

  • How to effectively use the nano command.

  • Moving files and directories in a fast and effective way.

  • Renaming files and directories.

  • How to hide or unhide files and directories.

  • How to copy files and directories in a highly skilled way.

  • Creating directories recursively and non-recursively.

  • How to remove files or directories and how to forcefully remove any file or directory through the shell.

  • How to best use the manual command to get the best out of any command.

Learning should be amusing and complete with valuable information and this course has been designed with love and much care to ease learning and get the best outcome.

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