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[100%OFF]Learning Hypnosis Keeping Hypnosis Simple in 2021

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🛠 Requirement

Interested in how hypnosis worksInterested in how to make hypnosis work

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Anyone interested in learning hypnosis
Interest in helping people make rapid positive changes in their lives

🧾what you will learn:

Interested in how hypnosis worksInterested in how to make hypnosis work


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📚 Description

If you want to learn how to hypnotize someone one of the most used hypnotic inductions by hypnotists is called progressive relaxation where you get someone who wants to be hypnotized to close their eyes and focus their attention on different muscle groups throughout the body.

but before you jump in and just try something like that you must first get someone into the right mindset by making sure they have no fears about being hypnotized and to do this you discuss the most common misconceptions about hypnosis.

once they understand these they will have a new curious mindset instead of a mindset of fear as fear creates only one thing for a good hypnotic induction process failure.

So it is important to start any hypnotic induction with a good foundation and that is overcoming misconceptions then it is time to open the mind to new possibilities with suggestibility tests.

And while these are called tests of suggestibility they really are a step by step approach to engage and open their mind by visually seeing how what they think effects their body so if what they think effects their body what they think effects their life and if they are just following ideas you are offering and they are accepting them something is happening to their body that is beyond conscious control.

So once they have engaged and respond reasonably well their mindset  has changed they accept that what you say to them makes something happen at a subconscious level so therefore when you say something to hypnotize them their is only one place to go into hypnosis.

Also accepting the words which are suggestions that take them into hypnosis which is a very nice place to go means that your words has taken them somewhere that makes them feel goo so if you give them a suggestion for changing an old behavior to something positive they may accept that change to become their new reality.

You will also learn how to discover your hypnotic voice by experiencing  the difference between an ordinary speaking voice and a hypnotic voice along with my tips on how you could discover your own hypnotic voice.

You will also learn the importance of the right types of suggestions so that you take someone only in the direction they want to go because your wording needs more precision than everyday conversation as the inner critic that makes choices is offline during hypnosis, but I will demonstrate what I mean in this course.

One of the most important lessons you will learn in this course is how to get someones mind back on track if they should wander and get caught up in emotional stuff.

And of course the de-induction what to say to someone to bring them out of trance correctly and if you dont what you should do.

What will you learn

  1. Suggestibility Tests for getting into the right hypnotic mindset

  2. Why Hypnosis Suggestions don,t Work

  3. How to get your Hypnotic voice

  4. Giving Suggestions in Hypnosis

  5. Hypnosis Safety Instructions

Hypnosis Downloads to Improve your confidence as a Hypnotist

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  3. Deep Sleep Now. mp3

  4. Anxiety relief Hypnosis. mp3

  5. Having a positive attitude. mp3

  6. Motivation For Success Hypnosis. mp3

  7. Master Negotiator hypnosis. mp3

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