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[100%OFF]Learn MySQL – For Beginners

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🛠 Requirement

Basic knowledge of PHPBasic Computer Skills

🤔The course targeted for:

Beginner Web Developers Interested in Learning to Create & Administer a MySQL Database using PHP
Students interested in learning Structured Query Language (SQL)

🧾what you will learn:

Introduction to DatabasesPreview02:40Introduction PhpMyAdminPreview02:35PhpMyAdmin Interface Overview01:12MySQL Security and Root Superuser05:02MySQL Creating a Database and Table05:24MySQL Creating a New User05:33MySQL Database and Table Specific Privileges03:05MySQL Modifying and Deleting a TablePreview04:30MySQL Modifying and Deleting a Database04:07Introduction to SQL01:35SQL Statements in PhpMyAdmin04:05Connect to MySQL Database using PHP05:02MySQL Database – Import Data01:43SQL Select02:27SQL Distinct Keyword01:45SQL Where Clause01:40SQL And Operator01:42SQL Or Operator01:01SQL Order By01:36MySQL Insert Into06:29MySQL Get Last ID01:27MySQL Insert Multiple RecordsPreview01:44MySQL Prepared Statements02:45MySQL Delete Records07:49PHP Header Function01:17PHP Isset02:35MySQL Update Records07:07


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📚 Description

Course: Learn MySQL – For Beginners
Learn to Create Database Driven Web Applications using MySQL

Students learn to integrate and administer MySQL databases as part of PHP web application development.

The course begins with an in-depth look into PhpMyAdmin to create, delete and modify databases. We also explore security considerations and user privileges.

Next, students learn to build connections to existing databases in PHP, and execute commands using several essential SQL statements.

What you’ll learn – Overview:

  • MySQL Database Administration

  • PhpMyAdmin Fundamentals

  • MySQL Security and Root Superuser

  • Create Tables

  • Creating Users

  • Modifying Database Privileges

  • Modifying & Deleting Tables

  • Modifying & Deleting Databases

  • SQL Fundamentals

  • SQL Statements in PhpMyAdmin

  • Database Connections

  • MySQL Import & Export Data

  • Updating Data in MySQL DB

Key Concepts:

  • Introduction to Databases

  • Intro to PhpMyAdmin

  • PhpMyAdmin Interface Overview

  • MySQL Security and Root Superuser

  • MySQL Creating a Database and Table

  • MySQL Creating a New User

  • MySQL Database and Table Specific Privileges

  • MySQL Modifying and Deleting a Database

  • Introduction to SQL

  • SQL Statements in PhpMyAdmin

  • Connect to MySQL Database using PHP

  • MySQL Database – Import Data

  • SQL Select

  • SQL Distinct Keyword

  • SQL Where Clause

  • SQL And Operator

  • SQL Or Operator

  • SQL Order By

  • MySQL Insert Into

  • MySQL Get Last ID

  • MySQL Prepared Statements

  • MySQL Delete Records

  • PHP Header Function

  • PHP Isset

  • MySQL Update Records

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