[100%OFF]How To Create a Print On Demand Face Mask Store with Wix

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Duration:1.5 hours
[100%OFF]How To Create a Print On Demand Face Mask Store with Wix


We use Photoshop for editing designs but you can use MS Paint or other free alternativesNo Special Experience, Software Or Hardware Is Needed

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Due to Covid-19, many people have started to wear face masks as the new normal and as we go into a new post corona reality i believe this will be common place and that most people will be wearing face masks, as such they will want to diffrentiate themselves from the crowd and i believe that having your own custom face mask will be the new normal as companies will start to sell designer face masks so now is the time to capitalize on this new reality we are facing and get started before anyone else

What Is Included In This Course?

· Learn how to make an online face mask store with Wix

· Learn how to sell print on demand custom face masks online and make passive income

· Learn how to market your face mask designs

· Learn how to optimize your website for search engines

What my past students say about me and my other courses:

“Lee ably shares a step-by-step means of becoming a profitable book publisher using Amazon KDP”

“Very helpful course, thanks Lee! Will be looking out for any follow-up courses Lee puts out to help us publishers become more profitable.”

“Found it very useful as someone with almost no idea about how Kindle publishing works. The instructor is quite straightforward with not just information but also his own experiences and expertise”

“Straightforward, action-based and no BS (something hard to find in “make money online” courses these days lol)”

· Be trained by a serial entrepreneur who does this for a living!

· Get a fantastic look for your website that will impress!

· 2020 course!. no outdated content!

· Get a demonstration of how to create a beautiful website

This lecture is very detailed and will make you fully understand how you can create your Wix website from scratch as a beginner.


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