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🛠 Requirement

Basic computer skills and literacy

🤔The course targeted for:

Anyone Who Wants to Scale their Success by Free Lancing
Anyone Who Wants Additional Passive Income Streams

🧾what you will learn:

Basic computer skills and literacy


Created by Henry Zhang, Henry Zhang Support
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📚 Description

Many of us have a terrible work-life balance. Especially with the increase of technology and work messages sent straight to our pockets, blurring the lines between work and leisure.

The conflict between trying to have leisure time, yet the pressure of feeling like you need to be engaged and ready to work at all times to impress can have a negative impact on your quality of life.

The solution to all these problems is simple: become your own boss and start your own freelance business.

This course is full of all the tips, tricks, and tried and tested strategies that you will need to start a successful freelance business.

Some of the valuable information that you will learn:

  • Why you should start a freelance business

  • The benefits of a freelance lifestyle

  • What kind of freelance business you can start

  • How to set useful business goals

  • The importance of a business plan and tips to create one

  • Often neglected things you will need to research

  • Where to find clients

  • The legal part of business

  • How to make sure you are ethical

  • Why you should communicate effectively with your clients

  • The importance of contracts

  • How to start working without much experience

  • More importantly, how to get experience

  • The best places to find freelance work. We’ll show you 8 top places and methods of finding freelance work.

  • How to create a portfolio

  • What you need to include in a portfolio

  • Why you should value your time

  • How to price your work

  • How to get motivated

  • The key to success: time management

  • How to scale your business

  • Why you should develop a niche

  • And so much more!

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