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English learners who want to improve their grammar with movies

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TEST 1100 questionsTEST 2100 questionsTEST 3100 questionsTEST 4100 questionsTEST 5100 questionsTEST 630 questions


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📚 Description

Welcome to The English Grammar With Movies!

This course offers 530 intermediate to advanced level English grammar questions within 6 Practice Tests, all prepared by a certified instructor. It is highly recommended to watch the following movies before starting the course: Tropic Thunder, Interstellar, The Matrix, Inception, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Grammar topics you will practice in this course: Tenses, Articles, Irregular Verbs, Gerunds, Infinitives, Quantifiers, Prepositions, and Linking Words.

Upon completion, you’ll be ready to pass any grammar exam with flying colors.

Look at these examples to see how questions are made:

1. Listen, if you’re gonna perform inception, you need __ imagination.

a) the

b) an

c) zero article

d) a

2. TARS is the obvious candidate. I’ve already __ him what to look for.

a) have told

b) tell

c) told

3. You know why Morpheus __ you to see me.

a) bring

b) brought

c) bringed

4. So now you’ve noticed how __ time Cobb spends doing things he says never to do.

a) much

b) many

c) some

5. The man __ my left is Django Freeman.

a) on

b) to

c) at

6. – You like to Jet Ski?

    – I’ve never done it __ .

    – You’ve never Jet Ski’d in your life?

a) since

b) before

c) whereas

7. I think it’s time for us __ , Jules.

a) to leave

b) leaving

c) to leaving

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