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📚 Description

In this course we will be covering Everything from the basics. We will begin with – What is Six Sigma and move onto how it helps with decision making, it’s application, types of qualifications, challenges faced, advantages, when to use and also cover processes like DMAIC(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)

Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. Sigma emphasizes cycle-time improvement while at the same time reducing manufacturing defects to a level of no more than 3.4 occurrences per million units or events.

The premise of Six Sigma is that variation in a process leads to opportunities for error; opportunities for error then lead to risks for product defects. Product defects—lead to poor customer satisfaction. By working to reduce variation and opportunities for error, the Six Sigma method ultimately reduces process costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Course Layout:

1. Introduction

2. Decision making with and without Six Sigma

  • Decision making and Six Sigma

  • Decision making with and without Six Sigma

  • Decision making with Six Sigma tools

3. Six Sigma Definition

  • Definition

  • Sigma Levels

  • Calculating Sigma Levels

4. More about Six Sigma

  • Primary Principle

  • Value Streams

  • Purpose of creating value streams

  • Continous Process Improvement

  • Variation

  • Removing waste

  • Equipping Employees and People

5. Challenges faces while implementing Six Sigma

  • Lack of support

  • Poor Project Execution

  • Data access issues

6. Applying Six Sigma

  • Applying Six Sigma

  • Levels of Six Sigma certification

7. Other Process Improvement Principles and when to use Six Sigma

  • Lean Process Management

  • Total Quality Management

  • Scrum

  • When to use Six Sigma

8. The DMAIC process

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