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READ to LEARN A1-A2 Basic and Elementary Level English Grammar, Essential Structures, Vocabulary and Pronunciation.

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2021-02-05 10:45


  • This course is for the students whose level is A1 and A2 Basic or Elementary level.You don’t need to have any skills to start this course. You will learn with us.

The course targeted for:

  • If your English level is A1 and A2 Basic or Elementary level, you can start our course.This course is one of the best alternatives for those students below:+ Secondary and High School Students+ University Students who want to learn English+ Graduates who don’t know English yet.+ Professionals who want to learn English.

Who this course is for:

  • You will read paragraphs with a native speaker of English. You will hear correct pronunciation and learn new vocabulary.While you are reading with your teacher, you will learn new words and remember the most important grammar structures.Your reading and listening skills will develop very fast.Because you will learn new words with correct pronunciation, your speaking skills will also improve.After this course, you will have a strong A1-A2 BASIC level reading, listening, vocabulary and speaking skills.


Hello Dear Student,

Welcome to our “A1-A2 Elementary Level English Reading | Read to Learn” course.

As you know, the way you learn a language should be as similar to the way you learn your native language as possible.

The easiest language learning takes place by listening in a specific environment and learning the words and structures in this environment.

It is not possible to learn a natural language just by following and learning grammar rules. You should be able to use the grammar rules you have learned with plenty of practice.

In addition, it will be a more natural approach to learn English by hearing a lot, just as we learn our mother tongue by hearing.

The easiest and fastest way to practice English is to speak and read. If you don’t have much opportunity to speak, reading is one of the best English learning techniques. The text you read is like a person communicating with you. You learn words and structures from it.

Therefore, we have created our “A1-A2 Elementary Level English Reading | Read to Learn” course for you. With this course, you will learn English by listening and reading.

This course consists of 25 A1 level and 25 A2 level paragraphs.

In the reading passages, essential words and important structures are repeated and presented to you.

Thus, it is aimed to learn these words and structures. When you purchase and complete our course, you will complete 50 A1 and A2 reading texts from start to finish.

Our course is dynamic and continuously updated. Extra reading resources are shared with you periodically. Thus, it is aimed to improve yourself by doing additional reading activities.

When you complete our course, you are entitled to a certificate.

Wish you good luck with your learning.


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